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Assam offers visitors enchanting scenery, offbeat tourist attractions, spiritual ambiance, a sacred river, a humble culture, and zealous people. Assam, one of Northeast India’s iconic seven sisters, is the right place for those who wish to experience both history, culture, and nature in one trip. There are many wildlife reserves in Assam, which are also home to the one-horned rhinoceros, one of Assam’s most famous symbols of tourism.

Top Tourist Destinations of Assam

– Top Tourist Attractions –

Kamakhya Temple | Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden | Umananda Temple | Assam State Museum | Umananda Island | Dipor Bil

– Top Tourist Attractions –

Kaziranga national park | Kohra Ranga | Orchid and Biodiversity Park | Tea Gardens | Waterfall | Orange National Park

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